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Amy B / Countess

on the road... did what I could and modified with
500m treadmill runs
8lb wall ball (heaviest they have)


6:30 am

19:08 , 14 lb wall ball


15:33 - wall balls, bleh

 Super G

Nice work Countess!

Archduke Dole

So glad I don't have to do wall balls right now...


Countess looks so much like Duchess that I did a triple take. I know Ingrid is in LA and wasn't going to be at the WOD. I was going to be mad at her for lying about when she was leaving. Ha ha. #confiusedcopper #readbetter


That was really fun! I don't want to do it again right now, but it was fun!

Animal! (Lori)

18:10. Sandy, you WOULD like this one. Ow.

Mr. February

13.46 mins RX

Brutal workout.


13:23 RX Great cardio burn! Murder your core!


WOD: 14:49 as RX

I did it in the basement of an office building next to the furnace, only place with ceilings higher than 10 feet. I had to get the ball to clear a pipe at about 9 feet. Interesting stuff.


17:45 with the 14 lb medicine ball but I'll be the first to call myself out on lots of no reps.

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