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Nice shot, Patrick!

Sara Kronenberg

So I hate to be "that guy" who posts random non-crossfit stuff on here, but I'm going to be "that guy"...

I mentioned it last week and put up a sign at WCCF, but tomorrow night is the fundraiser I'm coordinating for Chicago Cares -- a March Madness happy hour at Bar Louie in River North, with proceeds going to Chicago Cares's local programs. There's more info at:

chicagocares dot org

If you have any questions about the event, or Chicago Cares in general (it's a volunteer organization that does SO MANY amazing things in the city), let me know! The event starts at 6, but Wisconsin-Milwaukee doesn't play until 8:25, so I plan on making a night of it with a few beers and an unrealistic sense of optimism. Come join!

And resume the crossfit talk... :)


Looking good, Patrick!


it's totally ok to be that guy! our board welcomes it. we encourage people to participate and share. it's the wccf community!

chicago cares is awesome! get after it peeps!

Sara Kronenberg

Thanks for the endorsement, Hornet!

But really, Chicago Cares is great -- whether you want to volunteer with kids, work with hunger issues, seniors, etc., there are literally hundreds of projects a month. Just go to the website and sign up for a few hours, there's no major commitment! I lead an art program at an elementary school in Austin and I'm always looking for volunteers! :)


row - 135m,135m,131m,131m,129m,125m
du - 8,12,20,25,20,31

couldn't get the du to work after stepping off the rower

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